Different Types of Dental Cosmetic Procedures You Might Need from your Pompano Beach Florida Dentistry

Dental work can seem intimidating, but it can be comforting to feel educated and prepared about what is going to be different in your mouth after your procedure. Cosmetic procedures can be very simple and do not require surgery, such as getting veneers, but there are also more drastic procedures that are necessary for major dental changes, such as implants. Brown and Brown Dentistry Dental Center will likely suggest one of the following for your desired dental improvements.

  1. Veneers
    Veneers are thin, porcelain shells that are bonded to the top of the teeth to cover the surface. This is to improve the appearance of the teeth by correcting the color or shape of each individual tooth. Before having them applied, your Pompano Beach, FL dentist will need to make an impression of your tooth to make a veneer perfectly shaped to your mouth and teeth. The process of getting veneers can take around three weeks.
  2. Crowns
    Crowns are caps that are put over the top of the tooth. Crowns are generally used to help prevent damaged or eroded teeth from breaking, but they also serve to improve the appearance of the teeth. Crowns can improve the shape or cover unattractive stains. They can also be used to hold dental bridges in place. Crowns can be porcelain, metal, resin, or a combination of any of these materials. The process of getting permanent dental crowns can take a few weeks, and a temporary crown might be provided in the meantime for comfort purposes.
  3. Implants
    Dental implants are artificial roots of teeth that are implanted in place of missing teeth. This requires surgery, but offers a permanent solution for missing teeth, that is generally much more convenient than bridges or dentures. The implants provide a base for replacement teeth. These teeth might be removable or permanent, depending on what our Pompano Beach, FL dentist suggests. This process can take months and a few surgeries, but they are very durable and can last a lifetime.
  4. Tooth Bonding
    Tooth bonding is a relatively simple procedure in which a substance is applied to the teeth and hardened using a UV light. This can cover cracks, decay, discoloration, or can improve the shape of the teeth. Dental bonding is best used for small changes, such as fixing the appearance of one tooth, and the changes are relatively delicate compared to some other cosmetic options. Tooth bonding will only take a few appointments and the procedure itself generally takes less than an hour.
  5. Enamel Shaping
    Enamel shaping, also known as tooth recontouring, is a process in which the enamel of the tooth is polished and smoothed. This procedure is utilized when teeth are rough or chipped and need to be filed down slightly to eliminate discomfort or make the teeth look better. This can be done during a normal appointment, and it generally won’t take more than that one appointment.

Cosmetic dental work can vary greatly in the time it takes to apply the changes, the durability of the changes, and the overall costs. Some procedures produce immediate results, while some take time to implement but can last a lifetime. Consult your Pompano Beach, FL dentist to learn the best options for your needs.

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