The truth is that most of the time, dental emergencies do not cause any symptoms at all. Many of them only cause pain and discomfort, and you may not even realize or feel that you have a dental emergency until it has already become a serious problem.

A dental emergency is any type of dental problem that is severe enough to require immediate attention. This can include everything from missing teeth to tooth pain to tooth infections. A dental emergency can also include a dental infection. An infection can be caused by a problem with your tooth’s supporting structure or by a problem with the nerve that controls the movement of your tooth. A dental infection may be the result of bacteria that get into the gum or teeth.

Sometimes, dental emergencies can be quite scary. One might even think that a dentist can’t help them in an emergency. However, this is not true! A dentist can potentially save a person’s tooth. There are several ways in which a dentist can help the patient if it is requested by the patient.

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