When a person has widely decayed teeth in Pompano Beach, Florida, or is partially edentulous she may go in for dental implants or crowns. They serve the goal of making mastication simple as well enhances the aesthetic appearance. On distinguishing dental implant and crown, an individual might plan on his treatment by calling their dentist in Pompano Beach Florida. In cases when root canal therapy is experienced, crowns are preferred. Before placing an implant, an extraction has to be done. Dental Implants help in mastication and their aesthetics can be like the original tooth.

But one should think about his alveolar bone degree before going into implants. It’s a long procedure which might take months for replacement leading to several visits to your Broward County dentist. Implant placement is a surgical process that involves the placement of posts. These posts offer support to the alveolar bone. This is mostly done throughout the first visit itself. The post is held in position for many weeks. This unites with the alveolar bone.

After positioning of the post, temporary crown is put and is then replaced with a permanent crown. This is done only when there’s a marriage between the gingiva and tooth. A crown is chiefly placed after conclusion of a root canal treatment. It is suggested after root canal since the enamel is very weak after the process because of removal of pulp of the tooth. It offers support to the weakened tooth. The morphological appearance is comparable to that of a natural tooth. It serves the same mastication be the original tooth. It might be either fused directly with the enamel at the gum line or it might be placed at the top of the posts that are in turn placed in the roots of the tooth. 

This entire process can be completed with minimal visits to your Pompano Beach, Florida dentist. The crowns aren’t permanent. They might need to be replaced in the future. Therefore, in extensively decayed tooth or partially edentulous cases it’s greatest to consult a dentist to plan for this therapy.

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