A patient with advanced disease or tooth decay does not need to worry now because dental implant restorations can help him/her to get the lost tooth. A dental implant is usually a threaded titanium post that is inserted surgically inserted into the jawbone. It can replace the lost tooth roots. A threaded titanium post is used to enter into the jawbone as the lost tooth root. After the surgery, you receive a dental implant restoration. 


Various choices can be taken into account for dental restoration for types and materials 

Single tooth

If you have one tooth missing you should choose a dental crown, it will be more suitable for you.

Multiple teeth

Patients with multiple missing teeth should prefer a bridge or denture.

Material to look for 

Natural-looking and durable materials used to make crowns, bridges and dentures are

  • Porcelain 
  • Zirconia 

These materials can be used both in anterior and posterior regions of the jaw. A prosthodontist chooses the colour of these restorations to complete your smile. Both of these materials have significantly realistic translucency.

Procedures in dental implant restoration

Use of dental implant post

These are used to replace the missing teeth. These posts can be made up of different materials like

  • Titanium 
  •  Zirconia

 Then these posts are surgically positioned under the gums. It is done by making a small incision in the soft tissue of the teeth. Below the gum line implant is inserted carefully. Once in place, the implant post fuses with the gums and bone around the tissue the same as the tooth’s root.

Use of abutment posts

The part of the restoration that attaches the implant post to the replacement tooth is known as the abutment posts. A cap to protect is placed over the top after the placing of the implant post. Doing this will allow the implant site to heal and also to retain the shape. When soft tissue is treated, the cap is removed, an abutment is attached.

Replacement of teeth

When abutment post is in place, now we have to capture impressions and design of replacement tooth/teeth. Then its sent to the design to the dental lab where custom restoration is done. Once the final repair is done, it is permanently fixed to abutment posts, which redoes healthy tooth structure.

Preliminary treatments

Before starting the dental implant restoration, you need to take several initial treatments, which includes the extraction of damaged teeth and soft tissue grafts. These treatments are carried out to increase the chances for successful dental implant restoration. For such procedures, you can visit our office in Pompano Beach. We also serve the Lighthouse Point community in Florida, 33062 and 33064.

What to do after dental implant restoration?

Take time to heal your teeth

After surgery must take some time to heal. Your teeth require some rest for the healing process to complete. Healing time for each patient is different. Ideally, each patient should to take the rest of the first week and do care for oral hygiene.


Eat Well and Proportionately

Implants require some time to adjust and connect to our gum tissue; during this process, one should avoid every food that put pressure on the new implants. It can cause more pain and more time to heal. Try to eat soft texture foods like

  • Yogurt
  • Soup,
  • Pureed fruits
  • Vegetables 
  • Cottage cheese

Smoking is terrible for teeth, try to quit

Smoking is tough to stop, but when you smoke or chew tobacco, it increases the risk of infection. In some severe cases, the implants can even be removed. The patients who smoke daily there are more chances to develop mouth cancer.

Due to bone cancer, dental mass is decreased, and dental implants are not done for such patients as they are tight.

Keep good oral hygiene

Keeping good oral health is always necessary and useful as it is the golden rule to maintain and preserve your natural teeth. After the dental implant restoration, this becomes even more necessary as the care become more important. Routinely brush and floss your teeth once you’re able to go back to a routine. It will decrease plaque buildup and other issues that can affect your dental hygiene.

Must consult dentist

Don’t avoid must consult your dentist if you face any problem after the dental implant restoration. The earlier you contact you, the better it will be for you and your dental hygiene.

For check-ups you can contact our office or schedule an appointment in Pompano Beach. We are also serving Lighthouse Point in Florida, 33062 and 33064

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